Vithika Yadav - Chair

New Delhi, India

Head of Love Matters India / RNW Media

Vithika Yadav is the Head of Love Matters India / RNW and is based in New Delhi, India. Love Matters is the first ever website in India to give complete, honest and unbiased information on love, sex and relationships in India in both Hindi and English. Through the project, she has articulated the value of work on sexuality and sexual health issues in order to address a specific community’s need and establish a sustainable program. In 2016, Vithika was awarded as one of the ‘120 Under 40: The New Generation of Family Planning Leaders,’ an initiative by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


In 2012 Vithika’s work ‘Standard Operating Procedures for rehabilitation work with victims of human trafficking, sexual violence and abuse’ was selected as a best practice model which allowed her to represent India at the 2nd World Conference on Women’s Shelters, held in Washington DC. Both nationally and internationally, Vithika is seen as an expert on survivor care and protection services. In this context, she is focused on advising NGOs/INGOs on how to create rights-based programs of recovery through which women and girls are not only no longer victims, but can emerge as human rights advocates themselves.