Pauline Oosterhoff

Brighton, UK

Research fellow at the Institute of Development Studies (UK)

Pauline has over 20 years of international experience in public health research and advisory services and media production. She joined the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) as a research fellow in 2014 as part of the gender and sexuality cluster. Her current research includes sex education in a digital era and sexuality, poverty and the law.


Pauline has developed and managed programmes focusing on access to health, notably sexual and reproductive health and HIV, gender, and human rights, for the UN, international NGOs and media organisations.


She has worked with women, youth, sexual minorities, indigenous people and key populations on HIV, sexuality, human rights and representation in Europe, the US, Asia and Africa since 1992. She has led several large multi-country evaluations of research and operational programmes on sexual and reproductive health rights, HIV, human rights and disability.


Pauline relishes using mixed methods and working in multidisciplinary teams. In addition to her research and advisory work, she produces documentary films, installations, music and performances combining participatory action research and professional art production.