Eszter Kismödi

Geneva, Switzerland

International Human Rights Lawyer on Sexual and Reproductive Health Law, Policy and Research


Eszter Kismödi (JD. LLM.) is an international human rights lawyer. For the past 20 years her work has focused on developing ways in which human rights can be integrated into legal and policy development, advocacy, programming and research in relation to sexuality, gender and sexual and reproductive health.


Currently she is a visiting fellow at the Global Health Justice Partnership of the Yale Law School and Yale School of Public Health and most recently, she was a visiting scholar at Harvard Law School.  She works as an independent human rights lawyer for a number of UN agencies and international organizations, such as WHO, UNAIDS, UNDP Asia Pacific Office, OHCHR and the World Association of Sexual Health. She also serves as a Director of Global Policy Advocacy for CREA, that is an India based women’s rights organization focusing on sexuality, gender and rights.


Previously Eszter worked as a human rights adviser at the World Health Organization, Department of Reproductive Health and Research (2002-2012). Her work experience extends to Europe in particular Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South-East Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.


She is a regular lecturer at various universities. She is editorial board member of Reproductive Health Matters, and a member of various boards, including GATE (Global Action for Transgender Equality) and APTN’s (Asia Pacific Transgender Network) Advisory Board. She published extensively in international journals, and is the author of and contributor to several WHO publications.